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Rotterdam Intrinsic Hand Myometer (RIHM)

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Problem shooting

1.When the RIHM is not working, there is a possibility that the battery is down.
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2. Please note that the angle in which you hold the RIHM is in a straight line in such a way that the small black linkage-join does not touch. It might also help to hold the black handle in the lowest position possible. If you hold the handle too high it might tilt which creates an angle in the black linkage-join between the RIHM and the sensor. We have found that this might cause too high or too low output of the force measured.


RIHMcalibration1With this function you calibrate the RIHM. -CALIB- -PRESS >-
Press (S3) to continue -0 N- -PRESS >-
Make sure no force is applied to the RIHM and press (S3).
With this the zero point is determined.
Now apply a weight of 10 KG to the RIHM and press (S3). If you receive the message:
-CALIB OK- -XXX/YYY- then the calibration has been successful (-XXX- stands for maximum -YYY- for minimum) .If you receive the message -CALIB- -ERROR- the calibration has failed and the calibration must be carried out again.

Example how you can calibrate the RIHM – We advice to use a 2, 5 and 10 kg weight
2 kg = 19.6133 N
(please register (keep a log) and report to us your findings)

rihm_normal_values• Manuals, forms and instructions  >>> RIHM_manual

• Normal values:

• Check this >link< for videos in YouTube

• Technical Manual   >>> Technical_Manual_RIHM

Manufacturers and distributor for the RIHM is the company med.engineers
Their website:  www.med-engineers.com
E-mail: info@med-engineers.com

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